Politics Quiz

Seems like I am a “left social libertarian. Left: 6.72, Libertarian: 4.08”

Yep.  I am shocked, shocked I say.

My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 6.72, Libertarian: 4.08

Political Spectrum Quiz


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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2 Responses to Politics Quiz

  1. pafa says:

    Yep, I came in as a left social libertarian, as you said, shocking! 🙂

  2. Brandon says:

    I came in on the exact same point, which happens to be the polar opposite to George W. Bush. That sounds about right. In fact, I cannot think of a more flattering compliment than to be told that my mind works completely opposite to how Duh-bya’s works.

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