Common Sense (Librarianship) Is Always In Fashion

Common Sense these days in library land and the More Perfect Union is not too common.   Institutions that rise the intellectual tide for all  (Libraries, Unions, Arts) are under assault from without and within.   A certain book publisher (rhymes with Barper Fallins) spits in the face of friends of the printed word and tell them it is raining.  Some  library vendors treating bait and switch and changing the playing field as business norms.  Miley Cyrus gone Hollywood, Charlie Sheen gone down the rabbit hole and for the first time everyone has a ringside seat.

However in the mist of this darkness there are beacons of light.  One of these beacons was created by my friend in the computer, David “Awesome” Rothman. On his blog he put an article simply called:  Common Sense Librarianship: An Ordered List Manifesto.  this today on his blog.

I think that David reached into my head and wrote what I feel with more skill and clarity that I could ever muster.



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1 Response to Common Sense (Librarianship) Is Always In Fashion

  1. Kitchen Aid says:

    i really enjoyed reading this article , thanks for putting it up

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