Impressions of CIL 2010 Day One

As an attendee of this year’s Computers In Libraries conference, I am duty bound to attend some sessions and report out to my library system on what I have learned. As seems to be the Computers In Libraries conference norm, I learned just as much between the sessions, as I have in the main session today.

It Is The Message, Stupid: I love hearing from other people it is about the message, not the medium. Transliteracy, or what you want to call it, is all about being where your users are, teaching them how to get there and showing them around. Yes, the same skills as before, adding “newer” media to the mix intelligently and effectively.

Yep, Social Networking Is Networking: Some of the CIL attending T is for Training Crew went to lunch. This is not a big thing. How we organized it is a social networked thing. We organized the lunch via Google Groups and confirmed live during the conference via Twitter. Did I mention we were 25 deep by the time we sat down to lunch? That is powerful networking.

People Know Stuff, and Interesting People Know More Stuff: At Computers In Libraries, you are in a temporary community of tech savvy or soon to be tech savvy library staff. And they all come with stuff to share. Want to see an IPad? See three or four. Want to see a storage device that doubles a projector, got to a vendor. Want to put your hands on thing X? Just tweet about it and someone will have it and let you see how it works. That is vital for those of us who are counted on to be on the leading edge of technology. Most of the time we need to play with it to know how it works and get an idea of how we can use that thing.

I Know You But I Haven’t Met You In Person: At this conference this conversation is happens: “ Hi, I Know You From Twitter/FriendFeed/Facebook/Blogging but we haven’t formally met.”  Many times a day.  Such as when I met @ellyssa

So, that is my impression of Day One of Computers In Libraries. I will be deeply involved in the Teaching Technologies and Approaches track.

So, follow my conference twitter personage at @confbaldgeek and my regular feed @baldgeekinmd for updates from Computers In Libraries.

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I have been selected as the 2010 Citizens for Maryland Libraries McCarn Award Winner

I have been chosen to receive the 2010 Davis McCarn Technology Award award annually by the Citizens for Maryland Libraries at the 2010 Maryland Library Association conference later this month.

The award description reads: Presented annually by the CML President in recognition of outstanding achievement that has improved library service and library advocacy in Maryland.  Award criteria include: Innovative use of technology to improve library service in Maryland, or Innovative use of technology to improve library advocacy in Maryland, or Effort and commitment to using existing technology applications to improve library service and library advocacy.

I was nominated by 2007 McCarn recipient Joe Thompson for : “Statewide leadership role in using 2.0 technologies in training staff and your work in helping to create and produce the Learning 2.1 program.”

Further from the board: ” The CML board was impressed with your success in training librarians throughout the state and beyond to use technology to enhance customer service.”

I am humbled and thankful for this recognition of my work for Maryland libraries and beyond.

If you are at MLA say hello.

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Today at 2pm T is for Training 42 — LIVE

We will be taping our 42nd episode of  T is for Training and you should join us if you have the time.

Probable subjects for the show:

Keynote speeches: Giving and getting – What makes a good-great keynote speech? What tips do people have for giving a not good but great keynote?  What have you liked/not liked about keynotes?

Dealing with Instructional Burnout: How do you or do you deal with training burnout?

The Training Cornucopia: Save the ; Plans for CIL’s: The Learning Track and the Live Taping and Movers and Shakers

T is for Training is supported by you the audience and our usual supporters LISHost, the library friendly hosting service ,the Library Society of the World and the ALA Learning Round Table, LearnRT, of the American Library Association (ALA).

Where and How? : The show’s address is here: You can listen live by clicking on the show’s page. You can call in, listen to the stream, or come by and chat.

It is up to you, but please do come. If you want to participate with your voice on the call, you should probably join Talkshoe before the show. You can catch up with all of the episodes you may have missed by going to the Talkshoe either via the sidebar widget or via the web.

Keep up with us via: Our blog, Podcast Feed, ITunes Home, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google Group, or Twitter.

Go to the delicious page : to see relevant links. Or Use Diigo and join the T is for Training Group there.

See you at 2 pm!

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Well, Look at who is the newest Library Journal Mover and Shaker: Me!

Thanks to a nomination by two of my ALA Learning fellow writers, Lori Reed and Peter Bromberg, I have been selected by Library Journal as a 2010 Mover and Shaker.

A sincere thanks to everyone who has helped to make this possible.

Read the full article 2010 Mover and Shaker Induction

baldgeeinmd photo

The rest of my fellow inductees can be found here.  Thanks to Bobbi Newman for creating the list.

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Rocking T is for Training Session today!

Take a look at T is for Training 40: I Reject Your Reality.

Was a rocking show today.  Thanks to all who participated.

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Updated — The Android Brick (mine)

I will be as brief as I can.   This morning my HTC Hero bricked up on me again.

I now want a new phone.  Today.

The story today:

I went to Best Buy to see if they could work this out.  They could not.  The best that they could do is give me a loaner and “send my phone out for repair” using my buyer protection plan, purchased at the time I purchased the phone.  They would give me a loaner until my phone was returned sometime in the near future.

I could not get a new phone since my phone was two days beyond the 30 day window for no questions asked phone swap.  Best Buy’s hands were tied.  They suggested the local Sprint store.

I went to the sprint store and they passed the buck first to Best Buy then suggest that I take it to a Third “Sprint Repair Center” to see what they can do.

This is NOT making me a fan.  I am now soon off to a “Sprint Service Center” to try to get a new phone today.

Wish me luck.

Updated: After five hours and five stores, the Sprint store in Towson was able to reboot the phone, but I lost everything I customized.   No worries though. I downloaded a back up program that copies my stuff to my SD card in case this &*&^ happens again.

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Impressions of an Android Phone (mine)

Today is the one month anniversary of my purchase of the HTC Hero Android phone.

HTC Hero Phone Attribution: AlvinPing at en.wikipedia

So what do I think?

I’ll make this easy for you:   I like it a bunch and love the possibilities of the platform.  ( I am running Android 1.5 so this is from that perspective.)

Here is what I like:

It is a Pretty Decent Phone –  Yep it is at its heart a good phone and it works as well as it can on the Sprint Network.  I am still mystified that I cannot get a non roaming phone signal inside one of our branch libraries.  Thought I could and probably will solve that problem using Google Voice;

No Little *&^%$#@ Keyboard –  I hate little crappy physical keyboards on phones.  (I am looking at you Droid!) Little keyboards are things of the devil and this phone has a pretty decent virtual keyboard.  It is not quite at the level of the IPod Touch keyboard but it does have way better word predictability;

Yep, There are Apps for That – No, it is not at the place that the IPhone OS is today but it is coming along nicely.  Oh, (Biiiig selling point here)  I am not limited to buying/installing/backing up apps just from the Apple Store.  I can put whatever app I want from any source on my phone.  Just by unchecking one box.   Do YOU have an app for that? (Yes, AppleNauts, I know you could jailbreak the IPhone and add all sorts of cool stuff, but the thing is you don’t have to with android; )

It is Easier to Move Stuff  Around –  Don’t discount this little thing.  I have a ton of apps and it is much easier to organize them on my Hero.  No more funky dragging and hoping it will fit.  No more deleting the icon and program accidentally and having to hunt it down in the App Store.  Of course choosing to just delete an application yourself is a chore and is discussed below.

Getting New Apps can be easy as Pi or QR –  If you have the Barcode Scanner (or any of a number of excellent code reading apps) you can point your phone, have it recognize the code and go right to the application on the Android Market.  Sweet.

Micro SD card for my stuff — My old phone (the Samsung M300) was not designed for media/photos/tunes.  This phone is designed to easily deal with those file.  And I love it!

HTC Sense Tweaks to Android —   They do some cool things to Andriod to make it look and work much better.  This is great for the end-user, but it will (and has) delayed upgrades to the latest versions of Andriod.   And unfortunately there are some programs that need to use the newer version of Andriod to shine.  Such as UrbanSpoon.

What I would like it to do better:

Better organization of the Andriod Market – Google,  I now have certain expectations of service.  I expect my application shopping area to remember what I have downloaded, so I can recover what I had on my phone in case it bricks up.  Which my Hero did after two days.  I expect my market to just simply be better organized.  As in separate searches for paid and free programs. Oh heck, just make yourself like the IPod/IPhone app store and be done with it.

Better Application Management —  First, I need more room for said apps.  Having a SD card without the option to store my programs there is not cool.  Second, the internal storage that holds my programs needs a shot of HGH.  It does not like a bunch of programs on the phone and will give you the “you are running low on space on your phone” warning.    Third, give me easy access to program management tools.  The IPod/IPhone lets you delete the application from your phone by selecting it properly.  No menu drilling.  No waiting for icons to appear to find your application which takes a while if you have a lot of applications.  Fourth and finally, could I please, please, please be able to delete the Sprint Bloatware on my phone.  This stuff takes up valuable space on the phone.  And as I just mentioned there is limited space for applications on the phone.

Better Google Stuff. Sounds odd.  Google’s operating system, and no native application for GReader?  Really? Seriously?  And no support for Google Groups?  Again, Really?  And a third-party app for Google Docs?  You have got to be kidding me! Seems you (Looking right at the Googleplex)  could have spent a little more time on these features for YOUR operating system rather than roll out stuff like Buzz in such a ham handed way.

A Really Good Browser – Once again, this is a Google OS, home of Chrome.  The Android native browser is less than adequate.  It is read by web pages as a Safariesque broswer, (which makes sense) but it  is ….off.  I await either Chrome making its way to Android 1.x or Firefox to get its Andriod browser off the ground.  I wait with bated breath.

A Decent RSS Reader — I am still searching for that in Andriod.  Any suggestions?

A Good FriendFeed Client — For some reason, FriendFeed and the native Browser do not get along.  I have tried MotherFeed and have found it wanting.  Any suggestions for a good FriendFeed client?

Final thoughts after a month:

I think Android is my phone OS of choice for the foreseeable future and my phone should serve me well for the next year or two.  I do find myself leaving my iPod Touch home and not missing many of the Apple apps, since I have most of that functionality from my cell phone.   However, the iPod’s saving grace is that it is a fantastic music delivery device which will insure its survival in my personal technology toolkit.

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