CIL2009 Fill Post Previewette

Yes, there will be more blog posts about CIL 2009.

About the incredibly rich formal learning.

About the truly sublime informal learning and knowledge sharing that happened.  Mostly during the lobbycon/tablecon/carpetcon sessions.

About the renewed strength of my personal “worldwideweb”.

About the increased knowledge that is my conference takeaway.

About meeting friends by saying “Don’t I know you from the Internet?” Then bonding with same.

About bragging about my friends giving fantastic presentations all over the conference. And wishing that I could have cloned myself to be at everyone. Thank goodness for slideshare.  If I know you and you presented, yes I am talking about you!

About being lucky to attend such a great conference. Thanks to MPOW Harford County Public Library.  A rockin’ library even in these tough times.

About being able to produce a LIVE version of the T is for Training Podcast!

If you can’t wait for the full report, just go to my conference twitter feed at to see my 337 or so updates from the conference, which made the tagcloud for the conference. I hear that Internet Librarian is much the same but with many Left Coasters for a different prospective.  I would like to go but may need sponsoring help. <g>.

So look in this space in the next few days for better reports from CIL2K9.



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